40 Cans for Lent 2013





 The council collected 1,417 pounds of food, $ 300 in donations and 157 hours man hours donated by our Brother Knights. I would like to thank  the following Brother knights for their support: Nick Campanella, Grand Knight, Anthony Pluchino, Deputy, Grand Knight, Dominic Annese, Chancellor, Ray Carlisle, Russ Francione, Guy Girgenti, Doug Macdonald , Greg Rodman, Shaun Rodman, Anthony Mentesana - Donated 384 cans, Robert Vasta, Peter Laudati, John Ronan, Terry Zehl, Glenn Sparapani, John Basselini, Van Driver, John Harris, Van Driver. ( If I left out a Brother knight,  I apologize. Please let me know so I can update the file ). As a result of our efforts, the Samaritan center will receive additional cash donations from a charitable organization. In addition, Supreme will issue to our council a reimbursement of $ 100 plus a Food for Families plaque for achieving our goals. This successful program was achieved through no cost to our council except for man hours. I thank our council for participating and a special thanks to many of our new members who helped make this program a success.












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2013 40 Cans For Lent Food Drive